Saturday, July 13, 2013

She Did It Again

Eaton Co. District Fires 24 Special Needs Educators

Posted: Jul 12, 2013 4:59 PM EDT
CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) – 24 special needs educators were let go on Thursday from their jobs with the Eaton Intermediate School District in Charlotte, sparking a controversy between the district and the teachers' union.

Superintendent Christine Beardsley confirmed the layoffs on Friday, and said they were done in an effort to improve financial efficiency across the district.

The laid off workers were considered support staff, and worked either in the classroom with severely challenged students, or in homes with children ages five and under.

The former employees are being offered to apply for their same position with the Grand Ledge School district, but officials there say they will have to take a pay cut, and will not receive health care benefits.

Union officials who represent the out-of-work teachers say they are working with the Michigan Education Association to see what other recourse they may have.

Officials at MEA were unavailable for comment on this story


  1. I worked at Eaton RESA for about 6 years, and my lay-offs began with the new Superintendent. I was laid off 3 times within one year, and they kept calling me back because they realized that they needed me. Supposedly, it was an attempt to save money, but after I was laid off, they actually had 2 people doing my job. How does that save money? Someone needs to obviously take a good look at the ISD School Board because they are backing the Superintendent up on these horrific decisions that are being made. There are numerous lives that are being affected by these decisions, not just the employees and their families, but more importantly the children and their families as well. How can they talk about saving money by making these cuts when a ton of money has been spent on things like carpeting, painting, new furniture, and name changes to the school. It cost thousands of dollars to change the name from ISD to RESA, was that really necessary? Not to mention that the Superintendent does not have to take a pay cut to help the situation, there are actually raises for "certain" positions at the school of $5000.00 a year for the next three years. Is that necessary? How does that save money? The poor children are the ones that will suffer the most with strangers taking over the classrooms and maintenance. Theses kids need the familiarity and love from the present teachers that they have spent all this time with. This mess is not just because of the Superintendent and the School Board, but also with our fork-tongued devil Michigan Governor. He allows for things like this to happen. And actually, I have heard the Superintendent called the same thing a time or two, like two peas in a pod!! Last thing I would like to say is that we love and appreciate those 24 that are losing their jobs, and we all fear what is going to happen next.

  2. I pray for her soul. She's going to need it. She is dangerous and evil. Christine does not have remorse and gains strength from destroying others. Best of luck trying to get rid of her. Maybe govenor Snyder will hire her.

  3. She stole money from durand and I heard she stole money from Oscoda how the hell does she stay employed and out of jail