Monday, June 24, 2013

LSJ Article about ISD cuts

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  1. Despite what this article says, and even though some of the employees actually agreed to the deal which involved major pay-cuts, some employees have lost their jobs, and I am sure there are plenty more to come. The sad part is that while some employees were willing to take the pay-cuts just to keep their jobs, others in Administration have received a raise of $5000.00 a year for three consecutive years. That amounts to a ton of money!!!! Furthermore, I would like to know how the ISD and Board can justify all the money that was spent on new carpet throughtout the entire building, fresh paint throughout the entire building, all new furniture for the conference rooms, a new sign on the building, and a name change that cost money because it had to be done legally. How can they scream "budget cuts" yet spend all of that cash????